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About the Upland Academy

The Upland Academy was established in November 2020 with the goal to help new and existing players to learn more about the Upland metaverse. With a rapidly growing playerbase Upland fascinates more and more people from all around the world. The potential to rebuild the world in a digital metaverse will have an impact on the way we think about gaming in general.

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About me

Hello my name is Daniel and I would like to thank you for visiting the Upland Academy. In Upland you will find me under the alias TheTurbo. Since English is not my first language (I live in Germany) I would like to apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes that might occur. I try my best to proof read everything before publishing it.

In July 2019 I have been searching on Reddit for blockchain games that create a virtual economy where players can operate their own businesses and interact with others. I was lucky to find a post that introduced me to Upland. At that time Upland was a closed Alpha Version with a waiting list for new applicants. When I finally got access a couple of days later, there were only around 100 registered players. You could only buy a couple of properties which were located all around San Francisco. After those have been bought the founders manually unlocked a new set of random properties. There were no collections, no block explorers, no recurring earnings, but there was one big vision powered by the three founders Dirk, Idan and Manni. The other huge driver of Upland’s success is the community. Players from all over the world are working together and helping each other to improve.

About one year later Upland had already gained more than 10,000 new players and the number is still growing. In June 2020 I joined the UCN (Upland Contributor Network) to create valuable content for Upland’s community. I started with a website for the German audience to promote the game and help new players. After reading and answering lots of questions on Telegram and Discord I have come to the conclusion that Upland needs a new solution to onboard now players while also enhance the knowledge of existing players. That’s how the idea of creating the Upland Academy was made.

Since I joined Upland I have been enjoying the game and it’s awesome community every day. I wish you a nice start in Upland and hope to see you in the game.


Daniel "TheTurbo" Lukas

Founder of the Upland Academy