Academy Overview

Learn more about the world of Upland. Please select a course below.

Beginner Content

This is the best place to learn the basics of Upland. Recommended if you are new in Upland.

Advanced Content

These courses will feature advanced topics, such as NFTs, property development and business opportunities.

City Overview

These courses will each take a look on a specific city in Upland. City courses are yet to be released.

Coming Soon!

Reports & Analyses

Take a look at specialized reports, and analyses to stay ahead of your competitors.

Coming Soon!

Welcome to Upland

Basic Course

Welcome to the very first course of the Upland Academy!

After the completion of this course you will be able to understand and apply the basics of Upland. The metaverse of Upland is growing very rapidly, but don’t worry, this course is designed as a step-by-step approach to teach you everything that you need to start your career as an Uplander.

NFT Masterminds

Advanced Course #1

This course will take a close look on NFTs and how they are integrated into Upland. You will understand what NFTs are, what features are planned for Upland and how to create your own strategic approach towards them.

Builders of the Metaverse

Advanced Course #2

If you want to learn more about the property development features this is the right choice. In this course you will receive an overview on the planned features, that will enable players to host their own businesses in Upland (e.g. business licenses, types of busisness).