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Chapter 2:

Account Security

In this chapter you will learn important security tips to protect your assets in Upland and you will get an intro to the in-game prison Alcatraz.

Topics Covered

  • Unique Password Selection
  • Two-Factor Activation
  • Trading Security
  • Alcatraz

An Introduction to Account Security

The most important topic before your start playing Upland is to make sure that you are using a secure and unique password and activate the two-factor authentication. In July 2020 Upland Accounts without two-factor authentication were compromised and their properties were transferred to the account of a hacker. It were not the Upland servers that have been hacked. Instead, the login data of the certain user’s (e-mail addresses and passwords) have been obtained from a list that has been published on a leaked hacker database. Since it was not possible to sell the properties for cash in that time, the Upland team was able to track the hacker’s account and it was sent to the in-game prison Alcatraz. If these users would have activated the two-factor activation they would known that their accounts have been compromised but the hacker could not have traded their properties to his account without the confirmation code that is sent to the registered mobile number.


Upland is a game where your account might be worth thousands of US Dollars (and much more), thus account security should be your number one priority! Protect your account as much as possible.

Please read the following sections carefully and act accordingly to increase your account’s security level.

Unique Password Selection

Whenever money or an equivalent of money is involved users should take care of their passwords. It is recommended to choose a password that is not included in any dictionary and contains lower- and upper-case letters, numbers and symbols. Furthermore, it is recommended to change your passwords frequently. Let’s take a look at an example of both a weak and a strong password.

This is Liam the lazy giraffe. Liam wants to select a password for his brand new Upland account. Since he is a very lazy giraffe he decides that it should be a short word, easy to remember and referring to the game.

After a couple of seconds Liam chooses the password: uplander

Well, how secure is such a password? If we check the strength of Liam’s password with Kaspersky’s password tool we quickly find out that it is very insecure! In fact, it was found in leaked databases at least 302 times! Furthermore, if a criminal giraffe decides to hack Liam’s account it would only take about two hours to crack the password with just an average computer. Even if Liam would change his password to “uplander123” it would still be insecure as this one also has been leaked in at least 4 databases.

Liam, the lazy Giraffe

After finding out that his password could be hacked with ease, Liam the lazy giraffe asked his friend Miles, the digital native, for help. He recommended to read the Upland Academy tutorial on how to increase the account security in Upland.

Liam is very thankful for Miles tips and adds upper and lower cases letters, numbers and symbols.

His new password looks like this: UpLander20%xCFG/!

“Awesome Liam, this is a very secure password!” Miles said cheerfully. An average home computer would need more than 10,000 centuries to crack it. This is an example for a very secure password that contains all of the recommended elements and is not hackable in the near future.

Miles, the Digital Native

Activate Two-Factor Activation

The most essential security function for your account is the two-factor authentication and you should ALWAYS activate it. Two-factor activation (also known as 2FA) is a method in which transactions on the blockchain have to be authorized via 1) the user login and 2) a verification code sent to the smartphone.

Go to the Quick Menu, then Authentication and Select 2 Factor Authentication for “MARKETPLACE TRANSACTIONS”.

In the next field you have to enter your mobile phone number and you will receive a message including a confirmation code that you need to enter.

If you want to change your mobile phone number later on, you may go into the two-factor authentication menu and select “CHANGE MOBILE NUMBER”.

In case you do not receive any confirmation code you can contact Upland’s support team via support@upland.me for further assistance.

2FA Menu

Be careful when trading

As of today, you should only use the in-game trading system to buy, sell and trade properties as the game utilizes an escrow account to protect a player’s UPX. Never play Upland when you are in state of mind where your are not focused such as under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Always read the offers you receive carefully and think about them for a couple of time before you make a decision. Carefully press the correct button to either accept or decline an offer.

Attention: There have been people who accidently accepted trading offers and sold properties for very low prices due to not taking the time to read incoming messages carefully.

What is Alcatraz?

Every player that acts against the rules of Upland will be sent to the prison island Alcatraz in San Francisco. The amount of days in which the account will stay there is defined by the Upland team. Moreover, all transactions of the prisoner in Upland are charged an additional fee as a form of monetary punishment. Most often you will find people in Alcatraz that tried to abuse the first deposit bonus via multiaccounting. Know the rules and stick to them to prevent yourself from being arrested. Trustful players of Upland will never have to be afraid of being imprisoned.

Alcatraz is located in the north east of the San Francisco harbor. If you head from Pier 45 to the north you cannot miss it. The screenshot above shows Alcatraz and two prisoners. Each prisoner is marked with a “J” symbol that stands for jail.

Alcatraz in Upland

Useful Resources

Link to check a password’s strength: https://password.kaspersky.com/

Side note:

In case there are unknown terms in this article, please take a look at the glossary, which will be updated regularly. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord.

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