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Chapter 3:

Block Explorers

In this chapter you will learn why Upland’s avatars are called block explorers and examples of block explorers as well as the function to change them will be presented.

Topics Covered

  • Common Block Explorers
  • Special Block Explorers
  • How to change the Block Explorer

What is a Block Explorer?

In online games avatars are usually used to quickly identify a player from the mass. Most likely they are customizable to a certain degree making them somewhat unique. Upland introduced avatars in October 2019 and named them block explorers. To understand this, we need to make a quick excursion to blockchain terminology. In crypto terms a blockchain explorer is a program that allows users to view the data that is stored on a blockchain. In simple words, it is similar to the explorer on a windows PC or a google search in relation to the internet.

Now back to Upland. The graphics style of Upland is a so-called voxel style which looks like multiple blocks have been put together. The founders decided to create a pun of the voxel style and the blockchain terminology and thus the avatars were named block explorers.

The number of block explorers to choose from has been growing over time and mainly depends on the net worth (the value of his UPX and properties) of an Uplander. Players can switch between their block explorers at any time and without any costs. As a player’s net worth is growing over time new block explorers will become available.


Visitor Status

(net worth of up to 10k UPX)

Visitors receive 6 out of 10 block explorers for free (randomly choosen). They might look like this:

Uplander Status

(net worth of 10k UPX up to 100k UPX)

All Uplanders can choose between 16 different block explorers:

Pro Status

(net worth of 100k UPX to 1 Mio. UPX)

Players with the Pro status have access to these exclusive six block explorers:

Director Status

(net worth of 1 Mio. UPX or higher):

Directors can apply for an individual block explorer that will be created by the official Upland design team.

Here are a few examples of what they could look like:

Founders Edition

The very first players of Upland may also use eight additional block explorers, as seen in the picture below:

Genesis Week 2020

To celebrate special events, Uplanders may receive very limited block explorers for free when they purchase a certain amount of UPX. During the genesis week, the celebration event of Upland’s one year anniversary, Uplanders were able to obtain a special block explorer:

Amount of Genesis Week Block Explorers:

  • 10x Blue rings for a purchase of 400k UPX
  • 5x Yellow rings for a purchase of 1 Mio. UPX
  • 1x Red ring for a purchase of 3 Mio. UPX

First Flight NYC

In late July 2020 First Flight block explorers have been released in a similar way. This time to commemorate the implementation of flight mechanics:

Amount of First Flight Block Explorers:

  • 10x Blue First Flights for a purchase of 400k UPX
  • 5x Red First Flights for a purchase of 1 Mio. UPX
  • 1x Golden First Flight for a purchase of 3 Mio. UPX

Let’s be curious what kind of block explorers will be released in the future!

How to change a Block Explorer?

To change your block explorer simply click on your profile picture in the top left of your screen which opens the profile menu. Afterwards you need to click on the pencil symbol in the top left corner of your current block explorer (right below the “PLAYER STATUS” heading). This opens the “EDIT EXPLORER” menu where you can also select a background for your block explorer.

Useful Resources

Blockchain Explorer Definition: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Block_chain_browser

Genesis Week Official Medium Post: https://medium.com/upland/genesis-week-schedule-and-rules-3136daf356c7

Daiquiri 2 Update Official Medium Post: https://medium.com/upland/prepping-for-release-daiquiri-2-9edce1b9f363

Side note:

In case there are unknown terms in this article, please take a look at the glossary, which will be updated regularly. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Discord.

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