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Chapter 4:

Basic Movement and User Interface

In this chapter you will learn how to move in Upland and also learn about the functions of the user interface including the menus.

Topics Covered

  • Basic Movement
  • Sends
  • Trails
  • User Interface Introduction
  • Player Badges
  • Player Status Level

Basic Movement

Moving around in Upland is quite simple to understand. First of all, block explorers are highly motivated to move across a city, thus they never stand still. They continue to move into a random direction until the map design prevents them from going any further. This can be water or the end of the city.

While you cannot directly control the direction into which your block explorer is moving, you can use it to visit other player-owned properties. To do so, simply click on any property that is owned by any player in order to open the property menu.

For example: We would like to visit 28 Allen ST in San Francisco.

You can either click on it directly (if you know where it is located) or you just open the in-game search function (magnifier symbol in the bottom right) and enter “28 Allen ST”. If you use the search function it will bring you to the requested area but you still have to click on the property. Usually the address that was searched will be somewhere in the center position of the screen. To open the property info menu simply click on a property.

This popup will show you some useful information, most of it will be explained within this basic course of the Upland Academy. For now, we only care about the figure in the top left (stating 40 UPX) and the SEND button. The first one does represent the visitor fee that we have to pay to travel to this property. In this example we have to pay 40 UPX to the owner of 28 Allen ST to travel to the property and we will also consume one send.

28 Allen ST in San Francisco

Property Info Menu

What are Sends?

Sends can be described as the fuel for visiting properties in Upland. Whenever you move to another player’s property you will consume one send. The random movement of your block explorer does not consume any sends. In the current version you can carry 11 sends at once and use up to 40 sends per day. Sends look like paper planes on the map and you can collect them via clicking on them. However, you can only collect sends when you are in discover range of a send, so you have to move your block explorer close to the paper plane to be able to collect it. An example of a send is shown in the screenshot.

Official Send Info from 17.09.2020

Now let’s head back to our initial goal to travel 28 Allen ST. We are still in the property info menu. Click on the SEND button in this menu to open the confirmation popup.

Example of a Send

Confirmation Popup

In this example we have 9 sends left. The confirmation popup also shows us the visitor fee of 40 UPX to travel to this property. 

Click on the CONFIRM button to start moving to 28 Allen ST. Your view will zoom out of your current position and the block explorer will start travelling. After the move is finished you will notice that the block explorer slowly starts to go into a random direction again. You will also notice a slightly transparent trail that comes out of your block explorer.

What is a Trail?

Each block explorer has a marked trail that indicates the last visited places. It is a transparent line that will appear after your block explorer starts moving. Trails also give you the chance to take a look at your last discovered properties. After a certain period of time the trail will vanish.

Great, now you have learned how to visit other properties inside a city.

To conclude this topic let’s take a look at the user interface.

Upland’s User Interface

New players might get overwhelmed by all the different buttons, but in general Upland’s user interface is quite easy to understand. After a short period of time you will be able to memorize all functions. The screenshots below will explain the functions of each button:



Player Badges

You might notice that some players have special badges on top or bottom of their block explorers. These badges are earned achievements and will be explained in the following passages. For every completed collection each player receives a coin that will be displayed below his block explorer. At the moment collections are only available in San Francisco. Once achieved the collection badge will always remain even if the players does not actively hold the collection anymore. This encourages trading of properties amongst players.

Collection Badges

San Francisco
Blue: Standard Collection (max. 4 badges)
Purple: Limited Collection (max. 6 badges)
Orange: Exclusive Collection (max. 5 badges)
Red: Rare Collection (max. 3 badges)
Yellow: Ultra Rare Collection (max. 3 badges)

There are also some unique badges given to early adopters and the winners of special challenges.

Founder Badge

The founder badge is an achievement for all participants of Upland’s closed beta (June 2019 – December 2019). Players with this badge are often called the OG’s (Original Gangster) of Upland.

Broadcaster Badge

In 2020 the founders of Upland established the “Upland Contributor Network” (UCN) which consists of players who want to strengthen the community via publishing content such as news posts, blogs, promotions or podcasts. Each Uplander with a broadcaster badge is currently a member of the UCN. It is important to state, that none of the UCN members gains any advantage in the game. However, Upland pays a certain UPX bonus for referrals and content publishing.

Aviator Badge

In order to celebrate the first flight to New York City, Upland’s second city after San Francisco, the aviator badge was given to a player who solved the riddles of the NYC promotion in July 2020. The aviator badge was won by the player ThankMeLater.

There will a lot more badges added into Upland as the game continues to grow.

Player Status Levels

Every player in Upland has a status level which defines access to certain activities within Upland. Each level can be differentiated by a player’s net worth. The net worth consists of both the value of properties a player currently holds and the amount of UPX in his account. Uncollected UPX, e.g. from renting out properties, are not counted towards the net worth. All in all, the higher your account level the more features will be available.

It is important to know, that each status level upgrade has to be done manually within the profile menu.

Visitor Status

New players start with the Visitor Status, reflecting a net worth between 0 to 9,999 UPX. A visitor does have to renew his Upland visa every seven days which means the player has to actively login once every seven days. If the visa is not renewed all properties of the player’s account will be recycled and the collected UPX will flow back into the community pool.

Uplander Status

Once a player reaches a net worth of at least 10,000 UPX, the Uplander Status can be activated. This is a very important step to do as from now on your account will be a permanent one. If you achieved the Uplander Status you do not have to fear the risk of your account being recycled. Technically speaking the game permanently links the game account with an EOS account in the backend. This is the point at which you really own all NFTs that belong to your account.

Being an Uplander also grants you access to the marketplace which means you can now sell your properties to other players. This is very important as you can make a lot of UPX by buying properties for a cheap price and selling them to other players with a markup.

Pro Status

Once a player reaches a net worth of 100,000 UPX he is eligible to receive the Pro Status level. Pro players will have access to the upcoming business licenses which are needed for creating a business within Upland. This is one of the most anticipated updates for the infrastructure of Upland. In the future players will have the possibility to sell NFTs to other players. Furthermore, Pro players also receive access to a selection of exclusive block explorers.

Director Status

The Director Status is granted to players who have a net worth of at least 1,000,000 UPX. Directors can apply for a custom block explorer at the city hall. You will have the opportunity to send a draft or photo of your desired block explorer to the Upland design team and they will create an awesome block explorer for you. This individual block explorer will seperate yourself from the  crowd.

Executive Status

In September 2020 Upland introduced the Executive Status as a follow up of the director status. Executives need to hold a net worth of at least 10 Mio. UPX. This status comes with a lot of prestige similar to a top level status in other competitive games (e.g. Global Elite status in Counter-Strike Global Offensive). Players with the Executive Status will receive a custom 3D object that they can place on their properties. It can be requested in the city hall.

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