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How to travel to other Cities?

Bus, Train and Airport Terminals

Terminals are essential for train and air travel and can be bought by players in Upland. The choice for the preferred means of transport depends on the availability in the respective cities. For both train and airplane travel it is mandatory to buy a ticket. Whereas Airport terminals have to be directly visited to buy a ticket, train tickets can also be bought if you are bring your block explorer into discovery range of train terminal.

All terminals are owned by players (or may be bought by players) and there is only a limited number of them making them quite expensive due to their rarity. Airport terminals usually costs approx. 700k – 2 Mio. UPX but train terminals are much cheaper as they represent a connection to the low-cost city Fresno, which was specially designed for new players. The owner of a terminal receives all visitor fees. Each terminal has a maximum number of possible daily visits that is dependent on the size of the terminal. If that limit is reached players need to visit another terminal which has not reached the daily limit yet. This shall spread the income of visitor fees around all terminal owners. Upland’s newest introduction of the 2021 travel system is the implementation of bus terminals (Brookly to Staten Island).


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Which Cities are available for travelling?

Please check the travel hub overview.

Future Outlook

As for now, the traveling system in Upland is limited to bus, train and airplane travel. However, there are plans for the operation of airlines in a future update to add more functions and earning possibilities for the players. It could also be possible that real airline companies enter the game and operate their brands inside Upland.

Likewise, the team behind Upland has announced more options for travel, such as cars or buses. The buzzwords Uber and Hyperloop were mentioned in the last AMA on Discord. Therefore, we can expect to have a lot of exciting options for travelling inside and across cities. It is estimated that with such a change the movement system of the block explorers will also go under a major revision. Hopefully the random movement will be exchanged and a new one lets the players decide where they want to go and let them choose their preferred means of travel.

Why do I get an error message when I try to travel?

You always need to use either train or airport terminals to travel to other cities. Make sure to bring your block explorer in discovery range of the terminal and then click on it to open the travel menu.