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Join the Discord Community

One major contributor to Upland’s success is its community on Discord. Join the official Discord server and start discussing great topics with fellow Uplanders. It doesn’t matter if you are a new player or an early adopter of Upland, everyone has some thoughts to share and the community is very beginner friendly.

Top Upland Servers

Official Upland Server

Joining Upland’s official Discord server is essential to receive first hand information about Upland. Make sure you don’t miss the #announcements channel for updates on the game and challenge announcements. If you are a new player check out #new-players to ask questions to the community. If you have any suggestions you can post them in #feedback and the Upland team will read them.

Upland Fans

This is Upland’s very first community server hosted by the player called ThankMeLater. Join other Upland fans to discuss strategies, post your new property offers or help new players in visitor raids. It even has a Patreon channel which enables you to get access to Discord channels which provide you the latest listed properties below mint price, expiring visa properties and much more.


Upland Central

This community server was created by a couple of long-term Upland players (junjunpnoy57 and ZHIDALGOKIDZ). It’s is a great place to talk about strategies in Upland but also gives your the chance to learn more about all kinds of blockchain games such as NBA Topshot.

Upland Development United

The Upland Development United (UDU) was established in 2021 as Upland’s first cooperative of players focused on business ventures inside (business licenses) and outside (software development & NFT’s) Upland. It was founded by Upland’s veteran Ben68 who is managing the it together with nVen0m and djShorts. They are working very hard to find ways for UDU members to profit inside and outside of the game. The cooperative is invite-only. Membership allows access to participate in UDU meetings, events and the UDU Discord server.

If you want to apply for the UDU please contact Ben68 on Upland’s official Discord server: BEN68 (UDU) –


Founded in 2021 by the player nVen0m, UP2.Land will change the way how we are playing Upland. While Up2.Land is currently in development you can join their Discord server to receive announcements before everyone else. Furthermore, being part of the Discord server will grant you access to additional contests and giveaways.