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Player Status Levels

Every player in Upland has a status level which defines access to certain activities within Upland. Each level can be differentiated by a player’s net worth. The net worth consists of both the value of properties a player currently holds and the amount of UPX in his account. Uncollected UPX, e.g. from renting out properties, are not counted towards the net worth. All in all, the higher your account level the more features will be available.

It is important to know, that each status level upgrade has to be done manually within the profile menu.


New players start with the Visitor Status, reflecting a net worth between 0 to 9,999 UPX. A visitor does have to renew his Upland visa every seven days which means the player has to actively login once every seven days. If the visa is not renewed all properties of the player’s account will be recycled and the collected UPX will flow back into the community pool.


Once a player reaches a net worth of at least 10,000 UPX, the Uplander Status can be activated. This is a very important step to do as from now on your account will be a permanent one. If you achieved the Uplander Status you do not have to fear the risk of your account being recycled. Technically speaking the game permanently links the game account with an EOS account in the backend. This is the point at which you really own all NFTs that belong to your account.

Being an Uplander also grants you access to the marketplace which means you can now sell your properties to other players. This is very important as you can make a lot of UPX by buying properties for a cheap price and selling them to other players with a markup.


Once a player reaches a net worth of 100,000 UPX he is eligible to receive the Pro Status level. Pro players will have access to the upcoming business licenses which are needed for creating a business within Upland. This is one of the most anticipated updates for the infrastructure of Upland. In the future players will have the possibility to sell NFTs to other players. Furthermore, Pro players also receive access to a selection of exclusive block explorers.


The Director Status is granted to players who have a net worth of at least 1,000,000 UPX. Directors can apply for a custom block explorer at the city hall. You will have the opportunity to send a draft or photo of your desired block explorer to the Upland design team and they will create an awesome block explorer for you. This individual block explorer will seperate yourself from the  crowd.


In September 2020 Upland introduced the Executive Status as a follow up of the director status. Executives need to hold a net worth of at least 10 Mio. UPX. This status comes with a lot of prestige similar to a top level status in other competitive games (e.g. Global Elite status in Counter-Strike Global Offensive). Players with the Executive Status will receive a custom 3D object that they can place on their properties. It can be requested in the city hall.

Is there no benefit in moving from Uplander to Pro status?

Once you reach the pro level you will not be able to buy unminted FSA properties thus it might feel like the upgrade to the pro status is a step backwords. Please keep in mind that there are still a lot of features in development that will be added over time. Please check Upland’s agile 2021 roadmap for further details.