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Property Development

With the implementation of the so called Bellini 1 Update on May 25th 2021 Upland has initiated the next phase of gameplay. Starting with closed beta players are now able to create buildings on their properties via staking the new resource token named Spark.

Upland added a new color options and also an enhanced graphics mode which greatly improves the design of structures. Furthermore, players will be able to view their finished constructions in their NFT asset wallet. Every structure on a property does represent a unique NFT on the EOS blockchain. These NFTs are connected to the property and can’t be removed. In case the property owner wants to build a different structure the previous one has to be demolished first.

The Spark Token

Whenever a player wants to create a structure or building on a property two resources are needed: Spark and time. Next to UPX, Spark is the second utility token that is used in Upland. The more Spark you stake into the creation process, the faster it will be build. In Upland’s terms the time needed for constructing buildings is called Spark hours. One Spark hour equals one hour in the real world. The game developers have made a first airdrop for all players that created an account and met certain conditions before the release of the Bellini 1 update. From time to time Spark will be given out in official promos and will be sold in the in-game store until the future Spark exchange will be implemented.

To create a structure on one of your properties click on the property, then on the MORE button (arrow up symbol) and on BUILD. This will open up the building menu where you can select the desired structure that you want to place on one of your properties. Afterwards you can position the structure on your property with the control buttons, your mouse or your fingers on the mobile via drag and drop. Afterwards select your colors and the amount of Spark you want to stake into the building process.

    Spark counter in the player profile

      Spark counter in the player profile

      Chose the colors for your structure

      The selected amount of Spark will then be staked into the structure and will be returned once the structure has been completed. After you started the building process you can also add more Spark to accelerate the process or remove some to distribute them elsewhere. If you click on the MANAGE button you can check the impact on the construction time if you add or remove Spark from the construction process. After all settings have been made you can start the construction.

      Attention: You can’t change the design or position of a structure after you started the construction process. The only option is to demolish the complete structure and restart building it again.

      Staking Spark

      Once a player has started the construction process of a structure other players might click on it and stake Spark tokens towards this structure which will decrease the building time. That is why networking is an important part of the game. If you check out the Discord servers you might find people willing to support your constructions or to negotiate some deals where other players stake Spark on your properties in exchange for UPX or properties.

      Spark counter in the player profile

      Future Outlook

      The future solution to regulate the supply and demand of Spark is the so called Spark exchange which is currently in development. At this exchange players might lend Spark to other players via smart contracts. Smart Contracts can be described as small programs or scripts that execute pre-defined actions once a certain criteria is fulfilled. For example player A lends 1 Spark to player B for 1 month once player B pays the renting fee. As smart contracts are executing actions automatically the level of security is very high because they can’t be manipulated by other players.

      Property development represents a major step into Upand’s metaverse where players are able to rebuild the world. I will be happy to see a numerous of styles and structures that will switch Upland’s neighborhoods from a boring 2D perspective into a lively 3D world. Upland’s head of community X1TheGamer mentioned that businesses and private residencies are currently in the development pipeline as well as new structure designs and unique landmark structures for the owners of Upland’s landmarks.

        Why does it take so much time to complete a structure?

        Upland was designed to create a realistic economy inside it’s metaverse. Likewise, the building process has been carefully evaluated in order to not fill all cities with structures in a short period of time. Upland rewards players that are in for the long run. In the future Upland will implement new features to gain additional Spark (e.g. via promos) and also make Spark a tradable good at the Spark exchange where players can lend Spark to other players in return for UPX.