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Upland’s 2021 Roadmap

This page only shows upcoming features close to release. For the full roadmap click here.

Features planned for May 2021

1. The Spark Token

We’ve announced the Spark token in late 2020, and in Q1 of 2021 the smart contracts will be deployed on the EOS Blockchain, and the first pools of Spark tokens will be minted, including the citizen airdrop. Spark will power property development and more.

2. Property Development

With the introduction of the Spark token, permanent property development will kick off, featuring upgraded building models and various improvements.

3. The Structure NFT

Builders will enjoy true ownership as their structures will be implemented as NFTs on the blockchain (tethered directly to the property NFT it is constructed on).

4. Object Positioning on Properties

Unlike the property development sandbox, where structures were automatically positioned in the center of the property, permanent property development will allow flexible positioning of structures within the property (prior to the start of construction).

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Features planned for end of April / beginning of May

1. NFT Portal Beta — Upland Meets Blockchain Heroes

Upland’s partnership with Blockchain Heroes (Atomic Asset based collectible cards on the Wax blockchain) will serve as the first beta implementation of the upcoming NFT portal that would allow players to import external NFTs into the Upland metaverse. Uploaded NFTs can later on be used inside of Upland homes as decorations, and eventually traded between players through NFT gallery businesses.

2. The UPLOAD Token

UPLOAD is a new non-fungible token that is used to represent NFTs that have been uploaded from other platforms and blockchains into Upland via the NFT Portal. The UPLOAD token will exist as long as the origin NFT is kept in Upland’s custody. At any point in time, the owner of the UPLOAD token has the ability to pull the source NFT from custody and back to the platform of origin.

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Q1 Development Initiatives

The development of these features will start in Q1 but they are most likely to be implemented in Q2 of 2021.

1. Block Explorer Shops

Block Explorer shops serve both as marketplaces for trading existing custom Block Explorers, and the exclusive places where newly minted custom Block Explorers are made available to Uplanders. Owners enjoy income in the form of transaction fees.

2. Multiple Items on Property

Multiple structures and portable items will be allowed to be placed and managed within a single property, provided that they can fit within the property boundaries.

3. Staking Spark for Other Uplanders’ Projects

Players will be able to stake their Spark resources in favor of other player’s construction projects.

4. Landmark Construction

Landmark owners in SF will be able to start the construction using the replica models (resembling real world landmarks). Once construction is complete, each landmark will be represented with a high-zoom-level pin.

5. The Spark Exchange

Players will be able to put their unused Spark tokens into the automated Spark exchange, enabling them to earn UPX from players who wish to rent additional Spark for their construction projects.

6. Engagement Spark Rewards

After the release of the Spark token, a certain amount of Spark (derived from the Upland Spark Pool) will be utilized for rewarding players for engagement and progression in the game.

7. Portable Map Items NFT

Players will be able to get creative and trick out their properties with cool and unique inanimate objects that are produced and sold in decor shops.

8. Outdoor Decor Shops

Owners of Outdoor Decor Shops are responsible for creating blueprints for inanimate portable objects that can be placed on properties. Owners will work together with the Upland team to approve objects, manufacture inventories using staked Spark, and sell their products to other Uplanders.

9. Car NFT

Unlike trains and aircraft (as of now), cars will be truly owned by players and implemented as 3D objects that exist in the Upland metaverse, similar to structures. In later stages, cars will also have utility as a means of transportation between cities, and for racing. You can expect some intriguing mechanics and innovative features for cars in the metaverse, such as odometer tracking, parking requirements when idle, gas requirements and more.

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