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Stick to the Rules

What is Alcatraz?

Every player that acts against the rules of Upland will be sent to the prison island Alcatraz in San Francisco. The amount of days in which the account will stay there is defined by the Upland team. Moreover, all transactions of the prisoner in Upland are charged an additional fee as a form of monetary punishment. Most often you will find people in Alcatraz that tried to abuse the first deposit bonus via multiaccounting. Know the rules and stick to them to prevent yourself from being arrested. Trustful players of Upland will never have to be afraid of being imprisoned. Alcatraz is located in the north east of the San Francisco harbor. If you head from Pier 45 to the north you cannot miss it. Each prisoner is marked with a “J” symbol that stands for jail.

  1. Only one Upland account per person is allowed
  2. If you are playing with multiple players from one household please contact Upland’s support (
  3. Don’t manually keep your net worth below 100,000 UPX in order to be eligible to buy FSA properties (e.g. by selling properties below mint price)

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How long will players stay in Alcatraz?

The jail sentence depends on the type of fraud a player has done. Upland’s security team will individually check each case. The jail sentence will not be published thus it’s better to stay away from Alacatraz.